Saturday, August 18, 2007

Week 14 ...

SO ... I've obviously missed a couple of weeks!

I've decided to start writing again even though there is no way to include all the stories for the weeks I've missed.

Along with this fun (and very glamourous picuture of me stretching with the team before one of our long runs, here are updates in a couple of areas:
  • Lawrence completed his treatment and is back with "the Team" ... even running and resumed training as captain for the "A" group runners. Talk about inspiring...

  • Fundraising had a huge boost from my Chipotle lunch at work. As of today, I'm at 37% of my goal. I still have a LONG way to go and not too many weeks left to raise money since the fundraising deadline is September 28th. If you haven't donated yet, please visit http://http// and help me reach my minimum fundraising goal.

  • I'm officially registered for the race on October 21. Just got my confirmation email this week!

  • My midweek training has been going better than ever thanks to commitment and help from my friends. Making plans to meet Liz or Kirstin (or both of them) for all kinds of cross training has me feeling a lot stronger and healthier. So far, I've been able to stay injury-free thanks to combination of cross training, reasonable amounts of recovery time, regular stretching, lots of body glide, a little luck, and regular visits to see Dr. Sally (my friend and Chiropractor). I will definitely it to continue as the mileage starts to get higher up there in the weeks ahead. For me, anytime I go OVER 2 hours on a run it feels pretty serious.

  • Speaking of 2 hour runs, tomorrow is the America's Finest City Half Marathon! I'm running with TNT as part of our training plan. I've set an ambitious goal for myself to finish in 2 hours or less. I've done this race the last two years and am really excited to be getting out on the familiar and beautiful course again. As I talk to my friends who are running for the first time (in this or any race), I'm reminded of my first road races and how funny it is that things like carb loading, pre-race rest, what to eat, what to wear are all very commonplace for me now. I am still nervous though, because even though I know I can handle the event logistics and the distance, I am going to really have to work hard to meet my goal. It should be a good benchmark for me to measure my progress towards my goal for Nike. Be sure to check back for my post-race report!

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mamoo said...

Proud of your hard work and committment!
Love, mamoo

Tammi said...

I'm sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for that post-race blog! :)

Yay for completing the AFC 1/2 Marathon! I know you'll rock your long run this weekend!