Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Week 4 -- Midweek training helps ... imagine that!

I did a MUCH better job this week of being consistent in my training and it really impacted my long run on Saturday ... some of those side effects were better than others.

Short jog on Monday

Hilly loop on Tuesday afternoon at work. (For those of you that don't know, Active's offices WOULD have to be on the top of a giant hill so any run near the office is a hill workout by default)

Thursday evening I was struggling with motivation and barely made it to the gym in time to run for 30 minutes so I took it as an opportunity to swallow hard and attempt my first interval training in more months than I care to remember. Running into Liz at the gym was a huge boost to my morale and I ended up getting in a great workout.

By Saturday morning my stomach was acting up again (of course) and my shins were SORE from the treadmill but I was so happy to be joining the group for the strength and running form clinic that I tried not to focus on it. According to Liz, more of the tummy ache and sore shins were showing through than I had planned (I think the quote was "you didn't seem too motivated"). After an hour of sitting on the ground in the parking lot watching some hilarious demonstrations of what NOT to do and a lecture from Coach Cheryl about Group B not heading out too fast (see last week's post to understand the humor here) we headed out for our run.

Due to the pain in my shins (and last week's adventures), I started out VERY slowly. Stopped at the first aid station to take my shoe off, stretch and retie it VERY loosely. Felt about a million times better. Avoided the red stuff and the blue stuff and the snacks -- just water for me, thanks.
Our run took us from SeaWorld, around Mission Bay, along the boardwalk at Mission Beach and then back again. Chatted a bit with a mentor named Monica near the middle, then decided I was feeling good and picked up the pace on the run back to Seaworld. It's amazing what a difference a couple of workouts, extra stretching and a chiro appointment can make!

I wrapped up the 8 miles feeling tired, but happy and headed off to pick up Sean (he was with my friends Toya and Michael cause I was running and Lloyd was in the ocean catching yellowtail). Sean's loved watching cartoons and eating "chocolate chip pancakes with REAL whipped cream and orange juice so-that's-1-serving-of-fruit-for-today-auntie" ... and I loved having friends that helped me take the next steps in my training without having to worry about negatively impacting Sean or Lloyd's weekend.

On the fundraising front -- I passed $200 this week (5% of my total goal). Slow and steady...

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Tammi said...

I completely agree that adding a couple more workouts or adding a little more time to the workouts can make a huge difference! Jenna & I have been following our Active Training Plans (running 3 dys/wk and cross training 2 dys/wk) and have gone from running 2 miles to 4.5 miles in 2 weeks! Now I just have to make it to 6.2 miles by July 4th!

I love running along the water - that Seaworld to Mission Beach run must have been lovely!

Anyway, I love hearing about your training and seeing the additional photos in your blog! :)

Go Mnation!