Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week 5 & 6

I've fallen behind on my blogging, so rather than try to do a bunch of entries to get caught up I'm just consolidating to bring things current. I skipped the group workout last Saturday since my big sister Kristie was in town. Instead of doing the "step down" workout of a 5 miles in Balboa Park with the team on Saturday, Kristie and I went for a 40 minute jog on the beach on Sunday morning.

We ran on the sand from the state park at Torrey Pines up to Del Mar and back. I'm kind of at a loss for how to describe how much I LOVE running / biking/ playing with my family members. I particularly miss the "Winter's Loop" rides Kristie and I used to do with Dad on Saturday mornings...
Had SUCH a nice jog with Kristie. I, of course, didn't even begin to feel decent till we'd been out 30 minutes or so. By the time we made it back to our friends and family who were surf fishing, we were hot and ready for a little surfing in the cool water. Have I mentioned that I LOVE living in San Diego!?!?

Week 6 brought a head cold and very little mid-week training, but a nice Saturday run with the team. I learned a couple of techniques for self-massage with a tennis ball that I'll be sure to use and then we headed north from Torrey Pines on the roads through Del Mar, up to Solana Beach and back again. Before the run I couldn't decide if I was going to do the 7 mile run with the A group or 9 miles I was scheduled to do with the B group.
I set out nice and slow (didn't even wear a watch), and at the 3.5 mile mark I decided I felt strong enough. Ended up finishing all 9 miles with strong legs and a reasonably well-behaved stomach. Still need to figure out what to do about replacing carbs while running cause the red stuff (Powerade) seems to be a bad idea even though it's super convenient...

Big thanks to Janean and her dog Edward for entertaining Sean while I ran and Lloyd did his monthly military service! :-)

On the fundraising front, I'm past the 10% mark now and finally feeling less terrified of my goal. Slow and steady...

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